#1 What is a SIT'N'GO ?

SIT'n'GO is a single-table tournament. All player have to pay a fixed buy-in to join and get the same amount of poker chips. Whoever loses all of his chips will lose the tournament. The game ends when only one player left at the table, so play smart and stay ahead of the blinds to win!

#2 How long does a SIT'N'GO last ?

The tournament will last until there is only one player left on the table which is approximately 10~15 minutes from the start of the Tournament.  If you bust out, you may leave at any time or keep watching the rest of the tournament play out.

#3 What is the prize for winning a SIT'N'GO ?

Prizes are determined by the tournament you selected and your final ranking. Please refer to the SIT'n'GO screen for additional details.

#4 How do the blinds work in SIT'n'GO ?

In SIT'n'GO tournaments, blinds (stakes) will be increased by double every 2 minutes. The amount of chips require and time until the next blinds level will be displayed while the game is in progress.

#5 When do SIT'n'GO start ?

SIT'n'GO tournament will begin when the maximun players have been reached. The estimate time is approximately 90 seconds. (Actual time can higher.)

#6 When can I leave the SIT'n'GO ?

You can leave SIT'n'GO tournaments at any time but no refunds will be granted if the game have already started.