Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy




Ace Gaming was founded with the goal of developing, connecting people around the world through online entertainment and game applications. We deliver fun and social entertainment experiences for everyone, In pursuit of that goal, we collect and use certain information from users. We are transparent in the use of information that players provide, and especially respect their privacy.

This Privacy Policy applies when you use our Services (details Described below). Please read before using Ace Gaming's Services, because it will tell you how we collect, store, use and disclose some of your personal information when we providing these services to you.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy or practices, please Contact Us.

  1. Introduction

Ace Gaming develops and publishes games for website platforms and mobile devices. "Ace Poker",  “we,” “our,” or “us” in this Privacy Policy refers to Ace Gaming and any other corporate entities under common ownership by Ace Gaming.

This privacy policy applies whenever you use our Services, which means our games, products, services, content, or other domains and websites hosted or operating by Ace Gaming. It describes how we collect, store, use and disclose some of your personal information when we provide these services to you. The Privacy Policy's sections are listed below.

  1. Information We Collect and How We Collect It

Information About You That You Share With Us Directly

When you use our Services, you may give us information directly (like when you’re setting up your account), and We’ll store that information on our systems and use it for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

Some games or parts of our Services may use a more traditional registration or account set-up process where you may be asked to give us information like:

  • your usename;

  • your e-mail address;

  • your password; 

  • and/or some other information that helps us make sure it’s you accessing your account or helps us improve our services.

We may also let you create a player profile that other Ace Poker players can see. Your player profile may include information like:

  • your profile photo;

  • your game username;

  • links to your profiles on various social networks;

  • details about the games you play; and/or

  • a Ace Poker player ID that is created by Ace Gaming and used to identify your game account.

Information You Generate When Using Our Services

For improve quality of services, we’ll collect information about the ways you use and interact with our Services, such as when and for how long you play our games, game features and other players you interact with, purchases you make, progress or levels you achieve, and other gameplay activities.

If you choose to use communication features in Ace Poker Services that allow you to communicate or share information with other players, then we’ll collect information on what is communicated or shared. This includes:

  • your non-public messages or invitations to other players, made either directly through in-game mechanisms;

  • your chats with other players through in-game mechanisms.

Addition, We may access in real-time, record, and/or store archives of these communications, comments, photos, drawings, and other user-generated content on Ace  Studio's servers to make use of them to protect the safety and well-being of our players; to protect Ace Gaming’s rights and property in connection with our Services; to conduct research; to operate, improve, personalize, and optimize our Services and our players’ experiences, including through the use of analytics; and to manage and deliver advertising. Where required by law, we will seek your consent for this.

Payment Information

During your game experience, if you have any purchase in-game for virtual currency or items in a game you play on Ace Poker, our third-party payment processor will collect the billing and financial information it needs to process your charges.This may include your postal address, e-mail address, and financial information. Ace Gaming's payment processors do not share your financial information, like credit card numbers, with Ace Gaming, but they may share non-financial information with us related to your purchases, like your name, billing address, and the items purchased.

When you play Ace Gaming's games or access any of our other Services on connected third-party applications or platforms (like Facebook, Apple, Google, etc...), any purchases you make will be processed by that third-party application and subject to that third-party application’s terms of service and privacy policy. For these purchases, Ace Gaming does not receive your financial information, but may receive non-financial information related to your purchases, like your name, approximate physical location, and the items purchased.The information Ace Gaming receives depends on the game you’re playing and the third-party application. Ace Gaming's Terms of Service explain our policies and terms related to charges, billing, third-party credits, and virtual currencies. Please note that purchases of third-party credits or currencies are also subject to those parties’ terms of service and privacy policies.

Information Customer Support

During the game experience, when you ask for help from our Customer Support team, we will collect and store the contact information you give them (generally, your name and e-mail address, user name), information about your game play or activity on our Services, and your player ID and/or social network ID number. We will also store the communications you have with our Customer Service team and any additional information in those communications in order to provide support and improve the Services.

Information About You That We Get From Connected Third-Party Applications, Including Social Networks

If you play games or access any of our other Services on connected third-party applications or connect our Services to any third-party applications, including social networks like Facebook,Ace Gaming may receive certain information about you from the provider of the third-party application. The information we receive depends on the game you’re playing, the third-party application, your privacy settings, and, if applicable, your friends’ privacy settings on that third-party application.

For example, Ace Gaming may collect and store some or all of the following information from the provider of the connected third-party application:

  • your first and last name;

  • your profile picture or its URL;

  • your user identification number (like your Facebook ID number), which may be linked to publicly-available information like your name and profile photo;

  • your friends’ user ID numbers and other public data;

  • the e-mail address you provided to that third-party application;

  • your approximate physical location and that of the devices you use to access our Services;

  • your gender;

  • your birthday, age, and/or age range;

  • information about your activities on or through the connected third-party application;

  • other publicly-available information on the third-party application; and/or

  • any other information that you or the provider of the third-party application share with Ace Gaming.

If you access our Services from a third-party application or connect our Services to a third-party application, you should also read that third-party application’s terms of service and privacy policy. We are not responsible for information provided by third-party. We only store and use them to support and improve our service quality.

If you are unclear about what information a third-party application is sharing with us, please go to the third-party application to find out more about their privacy practices.

Cookies & Other Automated Information Collection

In some cases, we may use Cookies and other similar technologies to recognize you and/or your device(s) on, off, and across different Services and devices.

We, our service providers, and our business partners use these cookies and other similar technologies to collect and analyze certain kinds of technical information, including:

  • IP address;

  • the type of computer or mobile device you are using;

  • platform type (like Apple iOS or Android);

  • your operating system version;

  • your mobile device’s identifiers, like your MAC Address, Apple Identifier For Advertising (IDFA), and/or Android Advertising ID (AAID);

  • application performance and de-bugging information;

  • your browser type and language;

  • referring and exit pages, and URLs;

  • the number of clicks on an app feature or web page;

  • the amount of time spent on an app feature or web page;

  • domain names;

  • landing pages;

  • pages viewed and the order of those pages; and/or

  • game state and the date and time of activity on our Services.

In some cases, we will connect the above information with your social network ID or user ID.

If you play games on a mobile device, in addition to your device identifiers (described above), we may also collect:

  • the name you have associated with your device;

  • your country & language;

  • your specific geolocation (with your permission);

  • information about the games of Ace Gaming and other third-party apps you have on your device.

Information By Other Sources

We may collect or receive information about you from other sources like third-party information providers. We use this information along with information you provide us directly, for example, to help you and your friends connect or to serve you advertising more tailored to your interests.

We will respond to you about sources of information, anytime when we receive a request from you.